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Quick Guide to Audience Research

As promised on this web site at least two years ago, Dennis List has written a shorter guide to audience research than Know Your Audience. This new Quick Guide is focused on the needs of media, particularly in developing countries. In just over 50 large-format pages, it covers these topics...


1. Introduction and scope of this guide

2. Beginning with secondary research
- Situation analysis
- Impact assessment

3. The survey process
- Sampling
- Writing a questionnaire
- Gathering data
- Processing the data
- Analysis

4. Interviewer surveys
- Face-to-face surveys
- Telephone surveys
- Observation

5. Questionnaire surveys
- Mail surveys
- In-publication questionnaires
- Visitor surveys
- Audience workshops
- Internet surveys

6. Qualitative research
- In-depth interviews
- Consensus groups
- Response cultivation

7. How to choose a method
- Whether to do a survey
- Choosing a survey method
- Choosing a qualitative method

8. Conclusion: Use your findings!

Appendixes 1. Simple 1-page questionnaire
2. Glossary of audience research terms

Though Know Your Audience is a much bigger book - about 10 times as many words, this new Quick Guide includes two sections that are not covered in the former: the section (2.2) on impact assessment, and chapter 7, which sets out criteria for choosing a research method. The Quick Guide is also slanted a little more toward the needs of print media than is Know Your Audience.

The Quick Guide to Audience Research can be downloaded from this link, which will open in a new window. It's a PDF file, so you'll need Acrobat Reader (freely downloadable from, if your computer doesn't already have that software). The file size is around 400K bytes, so it will take about 2 minutes to download with a 56K modem running at less than full speed (as is usually the case).

Normal copyright applies to this book, but anybody may download it for the purpose of personal use or distribution within their organization. This permission is conditional on no changes being made to the text, and on no fee being charged. (If exceptions are desired, please contact us with your request.)

This book is published by Original Books, of New Zealand, in an A4 spiral-bound format. Orders from New Zealand should be sent directly to the publishers at PO Box 6637, Marion Square, Wellington. Orders from other countries are handled by Audience Dialogue. We shall be setting up an online payment system.